Wednesday, August 25, 2004

To Blog or Not to Blog?

There's this article on the NY Times about blogging. It describes how quickly it has spread all over the world. It is very interesting and most certainly addicting. For I am a living example of it. But I just don't know when this phase will soon die. Well for me it started out as a simple journal. Then I wanted to customize my site more and more. I even bought a book about HTML codes. I'm hoping to continue this new found passion.
25 %

My weblog owns 25 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?


At 2:42 PM, August 26, 2004, Blogger lubju said...

man ate.. ur blogs are so professional... help.. get over here and tell me what the heck html's are! haha i'm such a loser...
love ur fun's like reading a magazine when i read ur blogs haha

At 7:18 AM, August 28, 2004, Blogger Maria said...

Don't worry about it. I started, I guess about a year ago. (Check out my archives hahaha). Anyway, you'll get the hang of it. (this is Jac ong byt the way. From high school) Feel free to post a comment on my blog as well. =)

At 2:43 PM, August 29, 2004, Blogger Joice said...

hi there debs! u know what!? i once spent 7 hours or more in front of my pc just trying to learn those html codes...hahaha!!! =) it was fun!!!
God bless us more! ;)

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