Monday, September 13, 2004

100 Things About Me

1. I'm a dreamer.
2. I cannot swim.
3. I'd love to learn how to swim.
4. I'm timid, quiet and reserved to some.
5. Friendly to those I feel comfortable with.
6. Don't like confrontations.
7. Sometimes would rather hide from embarassing situations.
8. Would like to learn how to knit.
9. Entered several oratorical contests when young.
10. Can't sleep without my daughter by my side.
11. I love clothes.
12. Nervous when speaking in public.
13. Addicted in redecorating blgger.
14. Found a soulmate, bestfriend in my husband.
15. First met my husband when we were kids.
16. Used to sleeping on the floor.
17. Have trouble sleeping in other houses/places.
18. Annoyed when bugged by someone who couldn't take a hint.
19. Would like to live out of los angeles.
20. Buy a mid-sized house.
21. Love movies full of twists.
22. My life is somewhat like the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond".
23. Have overcomed impulsiveness when it comes to buying clothes.
24. Irritated when under pressure.
25. Have to control my temper.
26. Had my daughter when I was 22 years old.
27. Some say I was too young, but it was something that made be mature and stronger as a woman.
28. Have no regrets on having my own family at an early age.
29. Had direction in life when I had my own family.
30. Kind of "went with the flow" during teenage years. Very dependent on family or friends.
31. Seriously woould like to pass the freaking driving test.
32. Dream car: mini cooper
33. I like studying, reading.
34. Not good in sports but trying very hard though.
35. Didn't like my p.e. teacher in highschool. Hated him for embarassing me.
36. Went to a chinese school in the middle of highschool years.
37. Struggled in having friends coz there were like two full blooded filipinos and all of them were half chinese.
38. Didn't like math.
39. Liking math much better because I love my teacher Prof. Lee
40. My hair is slowly thinning.
41. Not surprise if I lose my hair early.
42. Would consider hair implants if i had the money.
43. If given a wild crazy choice on which body part to change, would consider a nose job.
44. Would like to go to the OPrah show.
45. Love my life because I have the people I love close to me.
46. Frustrated writer.
47. Went back to my old weight after pregnancy...admired by many.
48. Can control eating consumption.
49. LIke to travel all over the world.
50. Few good friends. It's quality over quantity.
51. In-laws drives me nuts.
52. Learning to love them. Grateful for everything though.
53. Love to dance.
54. Intimidated to dance in public.
55. Would to take dance lessons.
56. I'm really short. 4'11''
57. Have the most beautiful daughter in the world.
58. Would like to have a boy but not anytime soon.
59. Afraid of going through pregnancy again.
60. Worst morning sickness ever!
61. Had 22 hours of labor.
62. Love Glendale Memorial Hospital! Didn't want to go home after three days of stay in that hospital.
63. Live a simple yet happy life.
64. I'm the eldest of two siblings.
65. Scared of blood. Usually faint with the sight of it.
66. Talking myself out of fainting since I'm becoming a nurse.
67. Worst Mood swings.
68. Love to sweat in a workout or activity.
69. Born in the Philippines.
70. Migrated in the US four years ago.
71. Trying not to be so overprotected with my daughter.
72. Love to dress her up in cute little outfits usually worn by grown ups.
73. Treat my daughter as an individual not a some silly kid.
74. Proud of my daughter's ingenuity.
75. Fond of quizzes, poems, quotations.
76. Sometimes thought of as a snob because of shyness.
77. Tend to loosen up in awhile.
78. Not fond of public display of affection.
79. Curious with other people's lives especially celebrities, aren't we all are.
80. Love my humanities class and Prof.
81. Would like to learn more about history and humanities.
82. Dream school: UCLA
83. Failed twice in driving test have one more to go.
84. Filled with secrets.
85. Good in keeping secrets.
86. Would like to volunteer in church ministries.
87. Have been emotional these past few days.
88. Admire my husband's driving skills.
89. Wish I could have his "driving" brain.
90. Would love to have a complete make over.
91. Only show my temperament to my husband.
92. I believe I'm good in dancing.
93. Running out of things to say. But is still determined to finish this.
94. I'm a couch potato.
95. Don't do well when movements are being monitored.
96. Have to stand up for myself more often.
97. Having trouble saying no to others.
98. Have a sweet tooth. But trying to fight the cravings.
99. Believe that all things has a purpose.
100. Blessed by God.
100 Things


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