Thursday, May 05, 2005

Funny Phonecall

Please, please read this post! I know it's long but I promise that you'll love the ending...

I was busily surfing the net a few hours ago when the phone rang. Expecting a call from my hubby, I promptly answered only to find out that it was an annoying telemarketer. From all the experience I had with telemarketers I knew that if there would be a time to be upfront and blunt, it would be on his/her first few uttered words. "I am not interested with whatever you're selling, goodbye." It should be quick and snappy. No if's, no buts, no more questions asked. But then I distinctively heard him mentioning that he was from my school LATTC and is offering me a scholarship, it made me perk up a bit. Although it was very difficult to understand him because of the heavy korean accent, I did my best to listen carefully because it would be a waste to pass up such good opportunity, or so I thought. Since I'm in the dean's list (modesty aside), I knew that I could be qualified for this alleged scholarship proposal.

He then proceeded asking me some prequilification questions. In the back of my head I knew and I swear that if this guy would ask me about personal questions such as social security number, birthday or anything that would potentially jeopardize the security of my identification, I'd hang up. He didn't. He asked me common scholarship prequal questions. If I had any criminal background or credit problems; any unpaid bills or tickets; the total number of course units I have so far. The answer would be NO. My background is clean and I have earned sufficient units.

My ears perked up once again when he started questioning my height and weight! That was definitely very odd. Not the typical question to ask. I halfheartedly gave him the info, he replied that my height would be a problem (since I'm so short) but is still optimistic.

Okay here's the catch....As he was babbling along about all the benefits I would receive, I heard one word that stunned me. The ARMY. Oh my gosh! After making me succumb to the most temptous offer he then blurted that I would be sent to Iraq or any god-forsaken land for that matter, to "serve my country". What a jerk! But I kept my cool, although in my head I was at the same time laughing so hard and embarassed by the whole conversation. I politely and slowly backed off, using my hubby as an escape goat. I told him that I had to discuss it with my husband and would let him know if ever we are interested. Thank God, he took the bait and ended the most surreal chat I had ever have. I pretended to jot down the contact numbers he gave in case I'd be interested to sign up.

I have all my respect to the men and women out there in Iraq and other places in the Middle East. They are heroes. But this ain't for me. My husband and I are laughing our tails off and joked around that I was nearly sent to the battlegrounds. Well, not really the war zone per se but the medical field because he knew that I am to pursue nursing. The offer was ridiculously enticing, tuition-free education from any university of my choice, rent-free townhouse, and cash. It was a very good deal but then you'll be far away from your loved ones, not knowing when your "service" would be completed. That's the catch.

Phew! That was close. That is why, in life, I have learned that when something is too good to be true, it's not true. Read the fine prints, there's almost always a catch.