Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Notebook

My hubby borrowed a few DVDs from a friend. One of them was The Notebook. Yup, I know. I heard a lot of good reviews about it and is giddy about watching it with my hubby. It was about 10 0'clock last night when we decided to do so. I knew my hubby wouldn't last that long in a very romantic and sappy movie. I think he would if we were to watch in the morning contrary to the long, tiring day after work. A few minutes after the movie started I heard him snore. Hehe. Just what I thought he would do.

I originally planned to watch only for an hour but it turned out to be quite interesting and definitely very romantic. Hay, young love, so pure and innocent yet so naive. It's the typical girl meets boy; parents disapproves boy; separated for years; meets again just when girl is about to wed someone else; boy and girl reunited. It was all being narrated by an old man who turned out to be the boy in the story. He is reading this story to an old lady who happens to be , whoelse, the girl. The twist is, the old lady could not recall any of it. Her husband reads her the story everyday in hopes of somehow regaining her memory back. It reminded me of 50 first dates, but in a serious note. On the last part, she somehow remembers that it was their love story he was reading to her unfortunately, only for a few minutes. They are soon joined by the power of their love as they both peacefully and synchronically pass away. Only in the movies...

The story is not something to be excited about. But since the leading actor looked so dreamy, it was worth watching it (I first saw him in Murder by Numbers). A lot of kissing going on too! Definitely for the hopeless romantics.

My rating : Pwede na rin.


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