Saturday, February 05, 2005

Shopping Frenzy

My family and I set out to the mall and checked out the latest stuff from the usual line up of retail stores . First up...Danielle's most beloved place; right next to PetCo(pet shop); Disney. She couldn't contain her excitement and started striding down the hall as soon as the ultra-lit sign was visible.

Inside, she tried on the little back-pack and put it on like she owned the place. I bought her this cute slip-on sneakers. It's a replica of Vans; a real hot item right now. We went in and out from about 3 more stores until we got to Old Navy. They had the most adorable stuff for girls. Got her 2 boat-neck tees and a pair of irish-green moccasins.

I literally felt like a kid in a candy store because it has been quite awhile since we shopped. All three of us had this terrible flu which my hubby is still recovering with. Thank God we got our stamina back. Well, I healthy doze of shopping spree could definitely do the trick. And it felt good. Of course I bought a little something, something on the side for moi as well.