Friday, August 29, 2008

Another good movie

I rarely find a movie that entertains and moves me nowadays. And so I was thrilled to see one unexpectedly. I've always thought that Sex and the City was just another chick-flick, girl-power movie but it was so much more. Much much more. It's about friendship, forgiveness, breaking stereotypes and just being yourself. I was very very pleased. Truly another dvd worth collecting.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Total Manjoyment

Need I say more?

Michael Phelps surpassed Mark Spitz's record by winning 8 golds in a single olympic game. Amazing!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics Mania

Well if you haven't heard yet, the 2008 Olympics has been the buzz, at least in our household. We've been obsessed with the swimming event ever since Michael Phelps has constantly brought home the gold and repeatedly beaten several world records. So far he is in his 6th gold medal on his way in doing what no man has ever done before.

Last night was another proud moment for the US for winning gold and silver in the Women's All around Gymnastics. We got hooked on this event shown last night until 2am. These girls have accomplished so much already yet they're still in their teenage years. Although the age limit for this particular event is about 15 years old, China's gymnasts look awfully young.  There seems to be discrepancies between the girls' passports and reports stating she's only 13. Speculations are still to be investigated.

This is not the only thing China has been shady about. I've read that although the Opening Ceremony was beyond spectacular,  the fireworks display was fake due to safety reasons. Another report says the singing chinese girl in the red dress  wasn't her real voice. The real singer was replaced because apparently she wasn't cute enough for t.v. 

Events as big as these wouldn't be without controversies just because the whole world is watching. Nevertheless, it is still entertaining to watch. I have yet to see the events where the Philippine team is dominating. Any medals yet? Is Pacquiao our only hope? :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tired of being yourself?

Apparently this spoof is actually an advertisement for Absolut since Kanye's representing the brand. Don't care much about Kanye nor vodkas but the infomercial is funny.

Reality tv ramblings

It's true. I've read again that Project Runway is switching to Lifetime. Heidi Klum apparently is "out" and Miss SJP, Sarah Jessica Parker is "in".  She has a show almost like PR but will also showcase other forms of art such as paintings, sculptures and the likes.  Oh well, at least PR wouldn't be completely gone. Judging from its huge fan base, they'll be fine. I hope. :)

Moving on to another reality show... Nashville Star is a new talent show on nbc.  It's looking for the next country music star. Since one of the finalists is from our church, we have consistently watched and actually voted in support of our very own Coffey Anderson. I've seen this guy sing and genuinely entertain people through his songs. He may not be the best country  music singer but he has a big heart. His performances have not been solid compared to others. He has pitch problems, and his style isn't completely country. He's more country/pop or hip hop but I like his style because he adds soul to country music.

Nevertheless our church is there to support him 100%. On Wednesday night, we'll be attending the recording of his concert  held in our church to be aired on Monday. I think the contestants are supposed to go back to their hometown for their "welcome back concert"or something. Coffey chose to do it in the church instead. So we're hoping for a full house this Wednesday.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Follow the Pattern

Finally! Project Runway is almost here. This is one of the few reality shows I devotedly watch up until its last episode. It's exciting to see how truly talented and creative one can be under abnormal conditions. 

Unfortunately the show is transferring to the Lifetime channel, or so I've read from the PR blog. Well, the lack of publicity is quite obvious. They say that it has something to do with Bravo killing the show before it goes. I don't know if it's just a rumor, but who would want to let go of a very good reality show? I thought the show has been going strong. I think it's one of the best reality show there is right now. I just hope they keep this show running as long as they can.

PR 5 airs Wednesday, July15 8/9c

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm back...sort off

A lot of things has interfered from blogging. First of all my computer broke down. It has been almost a year since I decided to get a new one. A better one. We switched to iMac.

Other things came up as well. I became too lazy to update because everytime I tried to, someone else would interrupt. My daughter can read now, so it's kind of hard to type while someone behind you is reading it out loud. 

And also, I forgot my username, password and all things associated with blogging. I'm starting all over again.  

Well at least this entry made it through.