Thursday, June 09, 2005



My daughter has a ton of footwear; from Sunday formal/casuals to her cinderella glass slippers (more like rubber, the ones that you buy at the Disney store). She has a number of slippers which she interchangeably wears during the course of the day depending on her mood. But just recently we got her two pairs of thong flip-flops. I just realized that she has never owned one which would be the reason why she loves mine so much.

As soon as we've purchased it, she couldn't wait to put it on. So there we were, strolling in the mall, on her cute little flip-flops. After awhile of walking around, I noticed that she had this unusual walk, which you'd normally see on an aching, uncomfortable feet. She wasn't complaining though, so I asked her if her feet were sore from the new slippers. She sheepishly nodded her head but continued to walk despite the throbbing. I insisted her to change to something more comfortable but she refused. I coudn't stand the sight so I decided to carry her as we made our way home. A budding Carrie from Sex in the City or Imelda Marcos perhaps? Gosh, I think I've created a monster..hehe Oh well, it looked pretty darn cute.


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