Monday, August 22, 2005

Past, Present, Future

Naomi tagged me with this very interesting meme which I happily answered as soon as I read it. Although it required a lot of reminiscing, it was fun.

20 years ago:

Enjoying my baby brother who was born a year before. I could recall being scolded because I was trying to press his nose, for reasons that only a kid would know. Maybe it was some sort of a subconscious feeling of jealousy upon the arrival of a new sibling. Or maybe I just wanted to play.

15 years ago:

I was 10 years old. Had been involved in several oratorical contests in school. Played the usual games outdoors at our former house in las pinas. Church activities was also a priority.

10 years ago:

Moved to valenzuela but still occasionally visited our house in the north. Just graduated from a highschool dominated by chinese students. It was the most strict and boring school that I know. The principals were old maids...I mean literally spinster hags from hell. They didn't like students having fun, so there goes my prom. NO loud noises. NO fieldtrips. No proms. Yup it sucks. But then I guess I was forced to focus more in academics rather than extracurricular acitivities (read:parties).

5 years ago:

A fresh college graduate blessed with an opportunity to visit my relatives here in L.A. The first time I ever travelled alone in an airplane, to a foreign country. It was a blast. I met my future husband, who was already being prepared to meet me as well. We were already being matched as a couple because both our families know each other very well. We instantly hit it off.

3 years ago:

I migrated in the U.S., got married, conceived and gave birth to a beautiful child.

Last year:

I was able to be away for such a long time from my parents, who were then waiting for their petition in the Philippines. It made me stronger, responsible and tougher as a woman and as a mother.

This year:

Challenges of being a wife, parent and student makes it all the more exciting. With the help of course of my loving husband who has given me so much love and support.


I was studying for an upcoming final exam in Political Science.

Last Night:

I was muching on Doritos and sipping raspberry iced tea while watching Late Night with Conan O' Brien. I was still up by 3am. I guess its the caffeine.


Finished the last and final exam from Dr. Theile's class. The exam was an exhausting 100 item test about the U.S. government which gave me a huge headache.


Summer session's over and looking forward to a 2 week vacation from school. I am in dire need of some serious shopping. I always reward myself after long hours of studying...hehe it keeps me going.

Next year:

Hoping to be in my chosen major and future career. I'm guessing that I'd be all over my books, memorizing medical terms.

5-10 years:

Hoping to be a full-fledged nurse practitioner and would have bought our very own house. We're planning to expand our family, hopefully have a baby boy, that's if I get over the trauma of childbirth. We'll see. Yet I'm very content with my duaghter.

Danielle: "Mom! my friend has a new baby brother! Can you buy me a baby sister too, puhlease..."