Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm Exhausted...

A little over 5 am I started to wake, even before the alarm goes off, psyching myself up for another clinical day. I don't dread it. I can just feel the hectic day waiting to begin. I know the moment I get up the comfy, warm bed the battle is on.

I force myself in the cold bathroom.

Showering was an option before but these days were an exception. I needed it to wake up and to rid myself from the cold. Once I'm in, I'm good to go. The hot steam has such a therapeutic effect it literally wakes every sleeping cell of my body (including my brain cells).

I then prepare a quick, healthy breakfast. Oatmeal and eggs or sausage is what I usually consume to get me through until lunch. I don't usually eat breakfast but since nursing school, I opted on a full, satisfied stomach. I hate it whenever my stomach growls mercilessly on lecture days.

Today a classmate and I dared to do a bed bath without nursing assistance. We felt confident and prepared since we've been observing and helping out for more than 3 weeks now. Everything was a breeze except for ambulating. Considering the size of our patients, it was hard not to break a sweat. We struggled on keeping her on her chair. Both our patients had pschosis, so most of the time they're uncooperative especially during baths. But we did what we could until our shift ended.

It's midterm next week. I've been reading a lot but I still could not take my mind of the coming spreak break. It would be nice to have some time off. To relax a bit.

A Call from the Philippines

I got a call today from a close friend from the Philippines. It's nice to hear a familiar voice from time to time. She was asking when I could go back for a visit because it's been ages since I did.

For Pete's sake, I was still single!

She pointed out that I've been here for so long already I might have forgotten everything altogether. I felt guilty because it was true. Certain faces, memories have started to blur in my mind's eye. The daily routine of life, family and school have kept me from noticing how time flew. In a blink of an eye I've spent 6 years here, in l.a.

But then again I should not feel guilty, I was just fulfilling my job as a parent, wife and daughter.

Of course I want to go back home for a vacation but we're in a process of building our lives and working for our future. I promised myself the moment I get a good nursing job we'll all go. I'd love for my daughter to see the philipppines and for my husband to go back after 18 years.

For the meantime...

There's a new cutie pie in town. I used to loathe dogs especially the ones that growls, jumps and barks at you the moment they sense you're someone new(I guess most dogs are like that). My daughter and husband would really love it if I'd consider having a dog/s someday. But considering my traumatic and hateful experiences with canines they've given up trying to change my mind. Until we met Benjie, my cousin's dog. From the moment I saw him I didn't hear a single growl nor a bark. He just stared quietly begging for someone to stroke his light brown fur.

My two cutie pies


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